Fastforward to 15:45 as I am only interested in the stats.

Of 1145 police killings in 2015, 582 were white and 304 were black… 226 were unarmed.  Between 57-70 of those 226 unarmed people were black.  This amounts to, at most, 31% of unarmed killings and 26.5% of all police killings.  When you compare this to violent crime rate (non-violent crime is unlikely to escalate in such a fashion), black people are actually under represented.

Among the 226 was a 6 year old white boy who was a passenger in a car and a white 30 year old who suffocated after 1 hour of being hog tied face down. The state attributed this to LSD toxicity but his lawyers attributed it to the hog-tying (similar case to Baltimore but there are no marches held in his honor).

In all of these cases, one of those involved was resisting arrest. According to the FBI in 2012, White people (72.4% of pop) committed 69% of all crime (60% of violent, 49% of murder) and black (13% of pop) people committed 30% of all crime (36.9% of violent, 50% of murder). 51% of the police shootings were white and 27% of police shootings were black. So long story short, race doesn’t matter, compliance with an officer’s orders and not doing illegal things are the main factors.  In fact, a study by the University of Washington determined police were more likely to shoot white criminals than black criminals.

Here is a link to victim stats that shows that whites are the only major racial group who does not target other races disproportionately to their own.

Also, you hear a stat that states “Black people get longer sentences than white people” and “Men get longer sentences than women” for similar crimes, but that stat is misleading.  Why you ask?  Because of what goes into sentencing.  The main factor of which is criminal history.  Black people are around 2.5 times more statistically likely to have committed a crime per capita (see above) than white people, which contributes to sentencing.black_lives_matter
Black people are also hurt in honesty and remorse categories through the “no snitch” culture.  The same occurs with women and men.

Women commit 14% of the violent crime and 29% of property crime (although the stats are slightly dated).
A case study in this is evident in the Brock Turner/Corey Batey meme that is being shared currently (although the crimes are in no way equal like they have you believe).

Sentencing points:
Remorse (Brock Turner showed significant remorse whereas Batey showed little to none).

Honesty (Both of them lied IMO, though Brock’s lies couldn’t be proven so the judge couldn’t hurt him there. Corey lied about his alcohol consumption as shown in court documents with conflicting statements).

Prior history (Neither young man had a history from what I could find).

Brutality of crime (Brock Turner did not, by definition, rape anyone, there was NO PENETRATION by Brock Turner, although he apparently used a foreign object. Cory Batey gang raped the young lady with penetration. Both ladies were unconcious.).

Culpability of party (were they intoxicated, etc.. Brock Turner was hammered and Corey Batey was, at the very least, legally drunk, though he lied about the exact consumption)

Likelihood of attempting the crime again (Low for both).

Sometimes judges give thought to the individual’s impact on the community (both equal in this case).
So no, this was not racially motivated. Turner was more drunk, more remorseful, and committed a far less brutal crime. Turner did get a huge gift of a sentence but the judge was well within his means of doing so. I think we can all agree Turner deserved more, but comparing these two cases is ridiculous. Batey deserved a longer sentence than Turner by a long shot.