This is a frequent buzzword thrown out to absolve minorities of responsibility in life.  When you ask where it is, you get an answer of “It is invisible!”  They point to correlation and not causation, such as the abundance of white people in high positions of office.  The abundance of ice cream sold in the summer does not result in the increased summer homicide rate, either!  Considering white people are 72.4% of the population, they should hold most of those positions.  They don’t draw on obvious causes because they reveal harsh truths… They draw the random conclusion that it must be racially biased.

First of all, I believe it is an economic divide and not a racial divide.  The reason “Ghetto” (an area with one racial group) means “Poor” (Income <$22,000) now is because a 27.4% of black people (45.8% of black kids), 26.6% of Hispanics, and 9.2% of white people are poor.  So black people dominate poor neighborhoods (Hispanics have a very small population, even including illegal immigrants).  So let us explore why people are poor and how to fix it.

If a person works hard enough, they can overcome any economic situation (so I don’t feel sorry for them) but statistically it is unlikely.  According to the Brookings Institute, there are 3 rules to not be poor:  Graduate high school, don’t have a baby out of wedlock, and hold a full time job.  If you do these 3 things, your chance of poverty is less than 2%.  Black people have the 2nd highest dropout rate of all major races in the US with 7.3% in 2014.  Hispanics have the highest at 10.6% in 2014.  Whites have the 2nd lowest at 5.2% and the most successful class of people in America (apparently white privilege doesn’t effect them) is Asians who mysteriously have a dropout rate of 1.1%.  So all of the stats add up, especially when you consider the number of Hispanics who drop out and go in to construction work.

Black people have an INSANE birth rate out of wedlock.  “The black community’s 72 percent rate eclipses that of most other groups: 17 percent of Asians, 29 percent of whites, and 53 percent of Hispanics.”  All of these stats are on the rise in America which contributes to the poverty epidemic.  Blacks also have the lowest workforce participation rate (the real employment rate).  Followed by Asians, then Hispanics, and then Whites at the top.  Asians tend to have highly skilled and highly paid jobs.  Any job you get will have pay that reflects three things, danger involved, skills/education required, and the difficulty of work. If you want to get a good job, you have to accept at least one of those 3 things.

Some people might say “minorities aren’t allowed in to college by racism.”  This is once again false, as affirmative action quotas force companies to higher certain percentages of minorities (actually disadvantages Asians) and women (Women preferred 2 to 1 in STEM fields with similar qualifications according to Cornell), even if they are not qualified for the job.  I think skin color shouldn’t matter and it should be a meritocracy.  Again, some people might say black people (or poor people) haven’t had a shot to get any merits to which I respond sub-prime mortgages, entitlement programs such as 40 years of welfare/food stamps, equal rights for 40 years, free lunch, and scholarships targeting minorities (I only know of one in existence for specifically poor white men and it isn’t even listed as an option here).  This should be enough for anyone to pull themselves up to the middle class.

Black people also get chastised by their peers for being “too white” when they act intelligently and if they hang around with/agree with white people they are called “Uncle Toms” which discourages intelligent life choices.  When you consider that they have children out of wedlock (and often have single parents who are constantly working and can’t instill good life values in their children), drop out of high school, and are ridiculed for being intelligent more than any other race, it makes sense that they are statistically the most disadvantaged class.

True racism is nearly nonexistent in America today (5,000 KKK members nationwide).  When I, or anyone else, gets into a fight with someone, they want to say the most aggravating thing they can say.  Calling someone you don’t like a bad name is NOT racism.  For blacks, it is the N word.  For women, “cunt,” “bitch,” or “slut”.  For white people, “Racist,” Homophobic,” or “Transphobic.”  Some black people try to call white people “cracker” like it effects them.  This goes back to the cliche’s of “Sticks and stones” and “Offense is taken, not given.”  If you don’t care about the word, people will stop saying it to troll you.  Jews (why do people think religions are races?) still think anti-semitism exists in the West, which it doesn’t to any significance.  The greedy Jew meme is a total joke that means nothing, but it riles people up sometimes.  Just ignore it and it goes away.  Racism is defined as hatred or perceived superiority over a race due solely to the skin color of that race.  It is not stereotypes, name-calling, or jokes.  It does not matter what the “history” of the word is.  It only matters what the person does with their actions or intends with the word.

I have seen people point to this video when describing racism.  This point makes me point to the correlation not causation remark.  Children are an observation intensive group.  Some people say this is a “racist raising.”  What I believe is much more simple.  As I showed in another post, black people are 2.5 times more likely per capita to commit a crime and they have a huge single motherhood rate which leads to lack of parenting.  Is it not a reasonable dot to connect that more black children than white children will be mean to others due to this lack of parenting, statistically speaking?  Is it not a reasonable dot to connect that more black children will statistically more likely to do bad things than an average white child?  The numbers back this up and children just call it like they see it in their personal experience.  I feel that it is far more reasonable to make this assumption than “all these white children are being raised racist.”

The only “institutional racism” in this country is AGAINST white people, as I have previously outlined.  The people who say they are being discriminated against can never isolate a person or policy that hurts them, I highlighted about 4 that specifically help minorities and hurt white people.  My favorite response is that “You can’t be racist if you are a minority because we don’t have the power!”  They are implying that all white people are inherently racist and most of them make the laws, ib so facto, racism.  These people are the same people who criticized Trump’s all white judge list and then 2 weeks later criticized him because he said ‘My Mexican Judge is biased.’  A judge is a member of a group called “La Raza (The Race),” which provides aide to illegal immigrants, Trump has a notoriously stern policy for illegal immigrants, a lot of Mexicans don’t like the policy, and his judge is being “unfair” and happens to be Mexican…  Sounds like Trump has a legitimate reason for concern, yet he is criticized.  This implication that all white people are racist and “don’t have the proper life experience,” without knowing anything about them, is widely accepted as correct on the opposite end of the spectrum.  Does your head hurt as much as mine?

The failure of black people isn’t because of racism.  All I have to say is look at all of the successful, super intelligent black people (Ben Carson and Neil DeGrasse Tyson), how did they attain their positions?  The reason for this isn’t slavery (150 years ago that no one today had anything to do with) or discrimination.  Plenty of white people fail to make it in the world, both poor and wealthy, just like any other group of people.  The Jewish people came here broke after the holocaust and they now earn the most of any group in America.  In World War 2, the Japanese were put into internment camps and STILL succeed today.  All of these excuses hold NO merit.  It is simply the time to step up and take the responsibility to follow those 3 steps if you want to make something of yourself.