Why do it?  That is my simple question.  This story hit my news feed today and I always find myself asking that question.  I wouldn’t really say anything in the situation and I don’t think somebody should start yelling about it, but I am completely fine with someone politely asking women to stop this.  Every establishment I have ever attended says “No shirt, no shoes, no service,” and there is a law against public nudity.  This breaks both of these rules.

Personally, I believe if people feel like it they should be able to run around naked (not in private stores unless they allow it) any time they like.  A lot of people don’t like their kids seeing this, but not educating them about the bodies of humans is what leads to teen pregnancy, STDs, and embarrassment in life.  I am a firm believer that when you remove a “taboo” it becomes boring and people aren’t freaked out about it (Ever hear a person’s description of an affair after a divorce?).  This is evidenced by our increased sexual education and the free falling teen pregnancy rate.  That being said, according to our laws, public breatfeeding should be illegal.

Making love is considered a “beautiful thing” to a lot of people but we can’t do that in public right?  If you are at a position when you can not get to a private area to feed your child, there are various ways you can cover your breast (that your whole life you’ve hidden from people I’d assume) like this or a simple blanket.  Is there really a need to be so trashy as to whip out your boob in a local target instead of walking to the bathroom for 5-10 minutes or bringing a blanket in your purse?  You could simply take your arms out of your shirt and hold the baby under the shirt.

I really don’t get this “controversy.”  It is like some women want to have something to complain about.  Can I complain if I walk into a McDonald’s in a speedo and someone asks me to put clothes on?  Walk to the bathroom or cover up when you are in a public place, is it really that hard?