A frequent topic of conversation is whether or not gay people were born that way.  This is presented as a way to get around the moral argument presented by religious people.  I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, so I do not have an agenda in the matter.  I will explain possible causes for homosexuality.

Gay people often say that they exhibited characteristics of the opposite gender at an early age.  Most people grow out of this (I said that I would never like girls even if I was given money… Was very wrong) innocent childhood phase.  I believe this is a correlative and not causative relationship.  If you look at most gay men, they have a strong feminine presence in their life.  The stereotypes of high voices (accents developed by the people you are around) and feminine tendencies could be explained this way.  Some people say testosterone deficiency may be a cause but I think that is a result of the “nurture” in their life.

I am positive that there is no gay gene.  This is because many identical twin (same DNA) studies have been done that completely disprove this. “One study from Yale and Columbia Universities found homosexuality common to only 6.7 percent of male identical twins and 5.3 percent of female identical twins.”  Some people point to epigenetics, or hormones in the womb, as the cause.  There is NO EVIDENCE for this and the hormone variation wouldn’t be so drastically different in most cases, and the few where it can be would not result in the number of gay people in the world.

If you still aren’t convinced, then I ask you to consider this.  If homosexuality was genetic, then how are there still gay people?  The gene would have been weeded out a long time ago!  You can say that “The stigma could have caused people to still have a family to keep up appearances!”  To that I respond with the fact that humans have been here for 200,000 years.  Civilization has been here for 6,000.  194,000 years is more than enough to weed out a gene that wouldn’t be passed on in any significant numbers.  It would have to be a heterogeneous trait to even have a chance, but statistically it should not still be around.  It certainly wouldn’t be 4% of the population (I used America because that is where being out has the least stigma) which amounts to around 1.2 million people out of 300 million.  No matter how many letters are added to LGBTQAISBJKALDIEODVNM.

I am NOT saying being gay is a choice (even though it doesn’t really matter to me).  Think logically here, can you change the fact that you like a certain color?  Can you change the fact that you like a certain food?  What you desire in life can’t be changed just by willing it away, but that doesn’t mean you were born with that desire (although it is possible, look at my post about life after death).

It is argued that animals have gay sex as well.  Well, that is true, but the animals are not specifically interested in the same sex, as they also have sex with females.  I believe this is presented in nature for two reasons…  The first is that sometimes animals just want to get off like the rest of us and the opposite sex is not always available.  The second reason is to to show dominance/sexual confusion.

People should live however they want to live.  Don’t search for reasons to validate your behavior, just be yourself.  Being gay is not genetic and it is not a choice, it is just something people like to do.  Some people are conservative and others are liberal, some like sushi and some don’t…  Different strokes for different folks!