We all wonder what happens after we die.  Some believe in reincarnation, some believe in heaven, and some believe we hallucinate for a bit until everything just goes black.  What does the evidence say?  I understand that some of these cases could easily be hoaxes or hallucinations but I am going to try to compile some of the most credible.

Dr. Ian Stevenson is a person who studies reincarnation.  He has studied over 2500 cases of “reincarnated” children (He objectively verified 1,200) and has tried to limit the cases studied to prevent “knowledge tainting” where they hear something about their dead grandfather and internalize it.

Reincarnation is a profound explanation for homosexuality and transgenderism.  A gender change is a result of only 10% of the cases he studied.  Birthmarks show a correlation of 35% of 210 cases with a previous life’s traumatic injury (section 3).  Twins who claim to be reincarnated very often were very close siblings in a previous life.  The reincarnated also show a similar appearance.

The similar appearance could be explained in a few ways.  The only thing that is vital to your body is your brain and it makes up everything about you.  DNA can only be arranged in so many ways (You ever here in the 1 in 19 trillion chance that you share this DNA or whatever from a DNA test?) which means that, throughout history, there should be repeats.  No matter how unlikely the percentage is, it should recur over time.  This could explain the “Nic Cage is a Vampire” story as well!  Your brain is assumed to be a blank slate at birth, but DNA should provide the road map for its formation.  The DNA that requires your brain to form a certain way could have some overlapping facial features.  Twins have identical DNA, so some people say that they have a “split soul” which could be why some twins can tell how the other feels.  It would be interesting to see if a human clone could have identical thoughts to its donors.

Your memories make up who you are and come from commonly traveled electronic pathways in your Hippocampus.  When you are born, there is no “memory highways.”  The idea of reincarnation could be explained by electric signals carrying over from one life to another.  The “soul” could be the natural EMF field that all people possess.  The EMF could renew some memories.  Your brain simply records all of the data that you take in, such as particular wave lengths of light or frequency’s of sounds…  It just breaks it all down into data just like a computer but in a different programming language.

It has all of the working parts, but the only thing that makes that computer yours is the hard drive.  The hard drive contains all of the data.  If you put a hard drive into another computer with different parts, it still remembers the data.  If we can learn the “programming” of the brain, then we may be able to transfer bodies.  This raises another question, if you back up a hard drive, is it the same hard drive?  Are two hard drives the exact same hard drive?  Does your brain hurt?

Some people say that hallucinations after death follow the culture of the area in a strong trend (Reincarnation in Hinduism and heaven in Christianity).  This Oklahoma boy named Ryan probably has the most spine-tingling story, as there is no way he could’ve found most of the information through others.  If you would like more stories, feel free to research Dr. Stevenson.

When I was a child I remember 2 things that give me chills to this day.  The first day I truly remember was when I was 2 and I was thinking to myself “Who am I?  Who are all these people?”  I have another memory where I felt like I was floating above a red car, which when I told my mother about, she said I had never seen in my lifetime.  Are you freaked out?  That is a 100% legit story and I have told my parents that since I was 4…  It freaks them out too.  This makes me have a particular leaning toward life after death.  The end result will be quite depressing, as in 4.5 billion years we will inevitably be swallowed by the sun going Red Giant or the collision with Andromeda.

The next idea is that of Heaven.  I don’t know about this one, because you hear that it is great and all, but wouldn’t you be released of all your human desires directly after death?  And isn’t your desires what make your life enjoyable?  I would be perfectly fine watching sports and playing games for the rest of my eternal life.

There is a ton of evidence for ghosts (here is a biased source of some) and out of body experiences.  The out of body experiences can be verified by hearing conversations heard out of earshot, such as in the operating room.  Could this be a waiting area, like a purgatory, until you can get into Heaven?

Here are a few stories of people who “saw heaven.”  You will never find an unbiased source about this, it is the most hoaxed of any subject on the Earth.  A lot of these people are seeing what they want to see as they pass away.  Most people say this can be attributed to endorphin releases and the like.

Maybe none of these 3 things are correct.  Maybe we keep living the same life over and over with slightly different choices every time.  You know how you hear people say “I saw my entire life flash before my eyes in slow motion!” before they almost died?  Maybe this is a cosmic reformatting of your hard drive before it sends you back in time.  This is a one that I thought of myself and I doubt it, but it could be possible!

Reincarnation makes the most scientific sense to me.  Heaven is entirely possible, but the studies on reincarnation and common sense connections make me more confident.  It would really suck for the lights to go out and for it to just be over.  Heres to hoping we all have an after life!

PS-Don’t you think it is silly that people kill each other over where you go after you die?