For the longest time, I had no idea what to think about “Transgender” people.  I then listened to a Milo Yiannopoulos talk after I saw a protest story pop up about him.  He actually really persuaded me and made some good points about the condition.  I maintain that people should be able to live however they want.  That includes acting however they want and wearing whatever they want, but that doesn’t exclude people from judging them for their life choices (get over it as it happens to all of us). After investigation, it really does make sense that transgender people have a mental disorder (if you want specifics, check the link).

I reiterate that I have no problem if the people want to live however they want.  I do have a problem if they want me to call a “he” a “she.”  No amount of surgery changes biology.  The solution to this is to be tolerant of these views, but to also visit a psychiatrist.  According to the link, 70-80% of people who have transgender feelings end up having them fade.

Even if they can’t work these issues out, NEVER let them dismember themselves to this cause.  The surgery DOES NOT build nerves.  The suicide rate after the surgery is JUST AS HIGH as before.  Sometimes people can’t achieve orgasm afterward (it will be the same orgasm as before).  There is literally no advantage to this surgery, the body treats it as a wound and tries to close it for M-F.  Every single sexual act they can perform as their desired gender is possible at their current one (girls can use strap-ons and guys still have a hole).

Transgendered people are just trying to copy and paste their desired behaviors because they are prescribed to certain genitals.  Some people just want to avoid the judgement that comes with cross dressing.  There is no such thing as “phantom erections,” as you can never know what another person feels.  Hallucinations are common in mental disorders.  If someone says “This hand isn’t mine, cut it off!” Will you say “Sure!”?  Or will you questions why they believe that?  Transgender-ism makes sense as a sort of dissociation personality disorder.

Some people theorize that transgendered people are just reincarnated souls, which I can actually understand the logic of.  It makes a lot of sense if you believe in that, and I will get into Dr. Ian Stevenson at a later date.

I believe there shouldn’t be a law protecting transgendered bathrooms.  Once again, this goes back to them “feeling uncormfortable” at the expense of everyone else’s safety.  For clarity, I am not saying transgendered people will do anything.  I am saying creeps everywhere will take advantage of the lack of vigilance and attack more people.  A single person more is one too many.  Honestly, I hope you use whatever bathroom you like, because in most cases of legitimacy, people won’t be able to tell.

I will always call men men and women women, other people should not be forced to play along with a possible mental disorder and biology doesn’t lie.  I don’t advocate restricting how you live, you should be able to live however you like.  You should also not be forcing others to abide by your lifestyle choices and restrict their free speech (though I wish everyone just didn’t care about other people’s decisions.. I wish I could wear a T-shirt to job interviews too).  I suggest that you avoid the surgery and explore psychiatric therapy.  Surgery should be your absolute last resort and I think that if you like feminine things you can like them perfectly fine with a penis (or vice versa).

Do not commit suicide, you only have one life.  Live how you want but if you are not happy, see a psychiatrist.

Suicide help line:
Transgender help line:

PS- There are only 2 genders.