I’m going to break down all of the Clinton scandals and show how ridiculous some of the explanations are.  The Clintons have a history of lining their pockets (both politically and monetarily) at the expense of the safety of the American people.  There are even questions that some of the scandals may have impacted foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton E-mail Scandal
Hillary was Secretary of state from 2009-2013.  That is 1461 days of work.  She claims to have deleted 30,000 E-mails (some report 33,000) that pertain specifically to yoga, her husband. and a wedding.  That is 20.5 E-mails a day, does it seem likely that a sitting Secretary of State has enough time to read 20.5 E-mails and write 20.5 E-mails a day?  Let is assume someone who is protecting our country has time to E-mail about yoga 3 times a day, fair?  Not to mention, Bill Clinton (maybe sarcastically) has stated that he never uses E-mails. The wedding was announced on November 27th, 2009 and got married July 31st, 2010.  I will assume there were about 10 extra days of emails after the wedding for thank yous.  That is 256 days between the dates.  That would mean slightly over 100 E-mails a day for the wedding to result in 30,000 E-mails.  Considering Hillary have 30,000 E-mails that she released pertaining to her work, that would mean that she in more concerned with her personal life than the country.

Previous Secretaries have used private E-mails, but they did not have a private server.  Rice and Albright rarely used E-mails and prior secretaries didn’t have access to the technology.  Powell did use E-mails but not only were the regulations different, he still set his E-mail up on a private server.  Hillary Clinton was so concerned with potential political ammunition being part of public record (what is there to hide?) that she set up her own server for data storage.  This put thousands of American soldiers, hundreds of spies, and all of America at risk…  She had details of active operations (Special Access Programs, above Top Secret) on her E-mail.  She states that this is because they were deemed classified AFTER the fact.  This is obviously a lie, as North Korea’s nuclear operations are obviously classified.

Hillary was criminally negligent and put people’s lives at risk.  The military affairs of the US are held to a higher standard, and Hillary is guilty by a normal standard.  She disregarded regulations so she wouldn’t risk her political gain.  Many people tried to hack her server (There is one unconfirmed report of a success by a hacker named Goosifer).  How do people vote for this?

Monica Lewinsky/Sexual assaults Scandal
I will ignore the lying and the “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!”  I am focusing on Hillary’s behavior.  I’m also not going to focus on the fact that she is an “enabler.”  I am only going to outline what she did and said.

Hillary Clinton has threatened Bill Clinton’s victims, called them various names (Trailer trash, attention seekers, narcissistic looney toon, etc.), and tried to destroy their lives.  Champion of women?  Never blame the victim?  Wait until the facts come out?  No, she threatened them, called them names, and tried to silence them.  She also had frequent “freak outs” according to their secret service agent.  Hillary Clinton released a statement as the book was released to say it was “full of lies.”  She must of had a speed reader or an advance copy to denounce it so fast.

She frequently plays the “woman” card to get that vote.  Her entire victory speech was about “historical glass ceilings.”  She mentions what Trump has said about women as reason for him to be called a sexist.  The problem with that is that Trump treats everyone equally.  He calls Rand Paul ugly and he called Rosie O’Donnell ugly.  Apparently if you ever criticize a woman you don’t like as opposed to a man, it is sexism.  Trump is an equal A-hole to everyone, but as he is friendly with so many people (Every person who criticized Ted Cruz apparently played golf with Trump), he must be doing something right.

Benghazi Scandal
The United States armed and trained Libyan fighters to overthrow the government.  The government was completely unstable and the US embassy officials should have been withdrawn.  At the very least, they should have been well defended in light of the recent events.  Hillary is responsible for the defense of the embassy.

“April 19, 2012: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signs a cable proposing a plan to decrease security assets for the U.S. missions in Libya, including Benghazi. (NOTE: But when Mrs. Clinton herself visited Benghazi six months earlier, on October 18, 2011, she had the Defense Department pre-position assets off the coast of Libya, in case she encountered danger and needed rescue.)

August 15, 2012: The U.S. Mission in Benghazi sends a cable (marked “SECRET” and signed by Ambassador Stevens) to “The Office of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.” The cable says that the State Department’s senior security officer, also known as the RSO, does not believe the mission can be protected against a “coordinated attack.”

September 9, 2012: The U.S. State Department now has credible information that American missions in the Middle East may be targeted by terrorists, but diplomats are not instructed to go on high alert or “lockdown.”

September 11, 2012: Benghazi attacked.”

There is evidence that Hillary told the families of the victims that the attack was a result of a video that was released. When the families repeated this story, they were called liars.  It is necessary to mention that some people (though they said they were distraught and weren’t sure) didn’t hear anything about the video.

Clinton Foundation/Foreign Donors
The scandal here is largely through supposition.  A large amount of money from foreign leaders goes through this foundation.  The Clintons are politicians, so there is obviously a large conflict of interest.  It is viewed as a quid pro quo situation, as Hillary has rarely criticized the governments of these countries.  For example, she claims to champion LGBT and women’s rights but receives donations to her campaign (and the Clinton Foundation) from one of the most repressive regimes to these two groups in the world.  She also has rarely criticized their policies (here are a few times).  This is similar to Maroon 5’s hypocrisy of refusing to play a show in North Carolina due to the transgender bill but playing a show in Russia where being gay is illegal..  It is simply political grandstanding.

Where there is smoke, there is fire…  And Hillary Clinton smokes 5 packs a day.  I knew of about 8 Clinton scandals when I started this article, and I found 8 more in my research.  Whitewater, Vincent Foster, Filegate, Travelgate, Lincoln Bedroom, Pardongate, and the Bosnia Airport Sniper lies.  I can’t even cover them all, here and here are good breakdowns.  Once again, how can you vote for this?  I mean Trump may be mean to people but it is far from criminality.  Hillary’s tenure as SoS was one of the worst in US history so the experience she does have is terrible.

I want to reinforce that there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of laws to enrich yourself.  The problem with the Clintons is that they break the law.  When they were elected to have the interest of the people in mind, they seem to only care about their personal gain.  When you compare this with the coverage of the loophole advantage that is Donald Trump, who is a businessman and is not elected to represent the people, it kind of illustrates the bias in the media sector.