My first post was about the Orlando shooting, but I have to make a completely separate post to deal with the fallout.

I was watching the news when I came upon a poll, 25% of Republicans and 68% of Democrats believe the Orlando shooting was caused more by gun control than radical Islam.  I suppose 10 posts on Facebook (talking about his allegiance to ISIS and how he won’t tolerate the ways of the west any longer), a 911 recording of “Allahu Akhbar”, and 2 trips to Saudi Arabia isn’t enough to convince people.  There are even some people who say it is because of Christianity’s toxic view of gays (62% of them have no problem with gays being allowed to marry, see another post for link), as opposed to Islam’s where 51% of UK and US Muslims believe that just being gay should be against the law.  I love the idea that people say if Islam is criticized then you have to fear retribution (see Obama) but Islam is a peaceful religion.

The calls for gun control are because you can apparently get an automatic AR-15 with no wait time.  All 3 of those points are wrong. The gun was semi-automatic and shoots as fast as a normal pistol would.  The gun was not even an AR-15.  Not that it mattered how fast the gun shot, as he was in the club for THREE HOURS!!!  The wait time for an automatic weapon (class 3 weapon) is 5-7 months on average after filling out pages of paperwork.

Both of the 2 weapons use the same caliber (0.223, or 5.66mm) of ammo.  Caliber is based off of inches and mm is millimeters.  This is smaller than a normal pistol round.  That being said, assault rifles increase the velocity (as much as 2,000 feet per second) of the bullet to do much more damage than a pistol.  Here is a good explanation if you need more info.  The Sig Saucer MCX produces an exit velocity of 2,200 feet per second, an M9 pistol produces an exit velocity of 1,200 feet per second, and an AR-15 produces an exit velocity of 2,700 feet per second.  Although I don’t know the specific math, I would assume with momentum being massXvelocity, that the killing power of Mateen’s weapon was 12,452.  The killing power of the M9 (assuming a 1mm=1g) would be 10,800 and the AR-15 would be 15,282 (g-ft)/s.  I literally have no idea how it is calculated, but that would be a rough estimate.

I actually saw the argument that “no mass shooting has ever been stopped by an armed person” which is categorically untrue (Omar Mateen himself was stopped by armed police officers… duh… not to mention most of these mass shootings occur in GUN FREE ZONES where law abiding citizens don’t have guns).  Most of the time in these cases, they don’t allow someone to be shot.  Here are a few examples, just a few…  If you want a case where people limited mass death by being armed, look no further than, you guessed it, Texas.  Look at 8 minutes in.

I also saw an argument that said, “The second amendment was for muskets! Not weapons of war!”  What do they think muskets were at that time?  Anyways, automatic weapons already existed at the time and President Madison authorized private citizens to carry cannons.  The second amendment is to prevent foreign invasion and tyranny, which is hard to do with pistols.  Some people say that, “It was only for the Militia!”  Here is the entirety,  “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, or you can’t take the people’s guns because it is necessary to maintain the balance of power.

People really believe that that gun control will help and that Islam isn’t the cause behind this.  Some people really believe that Christianity is to blame.  This is no news though, as Dylan Roof posted a manifesto (and confessed) that his motivations were due to the crime committed by blacks on white people, but the fact that he was a “devout Christian” made people automatically link him to a Christian motivated killing (look at the comments of that article).  I wonder what it would look like if we took every crime committed by a Muslim as being “Islamicly motivated.”  Well, I digress… The vocal minority looks for any reason possible to scapegoat Christianity (I’m not even Christian!) and ignores OBVIOUS Islamicly motivated crimes. People really believe this!