Thomas Paine once said, “The greatest tyrannies are always perpetrated in the name of the noblest causes.”  Feminism and Black Lives Matter are perfect examples of good causes gone wrong.  Women are now equal (arguably ahead in many metrics…  I will discuss the fallacy that is the wage gap at a later date) and black people are not being discriminated against to any significant basis now (look at my previous posts for proof).  Their causes are achieved but they still want to fight over something.  Instead of looking overseas, where the discrimination still exists, they create evidence here at home.  Anecdotal evidence lends to these group’s confirmation bias and they ignore statistical facts, they even try to bend the stats to enforce their narrative.  They are not interested in equality, they are just interested in their prescribed discrimination (look at BLM’s name).

This discrimination is displaced hatred of these groups for people have been long dead, and most of them had nothing to do with the atrocities (this is a precursor to an upcoming post).  Don’t believe me? Just look at all of these mainstream trends from these movements.  The “Kill all white men” trend started by women who have endured no discrimination in their life, and in fact get scholarships/job advantages for their genitals, taking out their anger on people who have not discriminated against any person in their life.  They make blanket statements about people of a certain race and gender and hate them without knowing their character…. Gee, sounds a lot like sexism AND racism!  I mean the name feminism itself is defined as a movement for equality (actually egalitarian) and masculinism is defined as a movement for male superiority…  Sounds institutionally sexist to me!

The lady who started this trend says no, she can’t be racist!  She is a minority and not in a position of power, so she can’t be racist! Definitions be damned, they’ll just change them if they use them incorrectly enough!  In fact, the story about the trend actually supports her claim, so don’t say I’m biased!  They cite stats about the UK and hate crimes, but fail to mention that attacks against white men because of their race and sex is not considered a hate crime (often people are charged with hate crimes without having hateful motives… like they said a racial slur once in their life).  They also ignore the population of the UK when citing their statistics, which is 87.1% white.  So, logic would follow that 87.1% of the hate crime should be by white people if everyone is equally racist…  Nope, just 70%.  They cite an increase in crime on Muslims, which makes sense do to the increase in Muslim population and the fact that they have rape parties against non-Muslim children in the UK.  You would start hating people who got away with acts like that too, I would assume.

There are plenty more examples: Masculinity so fragile, I bathe in male tears, and saying “No White Cis Men” when hosting a diversity conference.  Yes, I get it, the only diversity that matters is that of skin color and genitals, not that pesky intellectual diversity!  When you divide people up by their skin color, which is irrelevant, and not bring them together to spur intellectual debate (and possibly increase their knowledge or change minds!), you are doing the dividing that you apparently hate so much (which is why racial tensions have risen so high under Obama).  Uniting means ignoring gender and skin color, and judge a person based on their character…  No women, no minorities, just Americans, just people!  Feminists and BLM activists, with their intersectionality, actually say people “missed the point of the joke.”  No one missed it and men can take jokes without complaining.  Your misandry is transparent, but we don’t really care about anything but the hypocrisy.  You do the very thing you claim to hate!  If men did this, you wouldn’t stop until they were fired (Tim Hunt was fired for making a legitimate, non-sexist joke…  A nobel prize winner!) or worse.

There are plenty of examples of feminists searching out reasons to reinforce the confirmation bias, feel free to search twitter, but here is a beautiful one.

And women, this is not an attack on all of you, I know most of you are completely reasonable people.  Only 23% of women and 16% of men identify as feminists (because 3rd wave feminism is crazy).  So congrats to all of you for being reasonable people.

It is OK to hate men in pop culture and media but to even mildly offend a group that isn’t white men is punishable (offense is taken, not given).  For example, this group was not banned from Facebook..

This group WAS banned from Facebook… “Stop Islamization of America.”

Shaun King, a former leader of BLM (was ousted after being accused of embezzlement and being white…  Trans-racial is the next frontier people!), posted this story that stated his desire to “ban all white men” if people wanted to stop mass shootings.  He ironically chooses an incredibly biased stat that “only 1 in 30 of the deadliest US shootings have been committed by Muslims” to prove his point, but ends up bolstering mine.  There are 3.3 million Muslims in the United States as of 2015 and 320 million people in the US.   That means Muslims constitute 1.03% of the population and are responsible for 3.3% of the deadliest mass shootings.  64%  of mass shootings are committed by white people (72.4% of population), 16% by black people (13% of population), and 9% by Asians (around 3% of population).  CNN tries to mislead you at this point by misrepresenting the census numbers (page 4) by only counting people who are “white alone” but not those of Hispanic descent who identify as white (People who have 25% Latino heritage/75% white heritage and identify as white would count as Latino by this metric).  The crime statistics are counted as the race with which you identify, so 72.4% is the correct percentage.  The data is also ignoring how many gang shootings go unaccounted for…  May I remind you that the 13% of the population is responsible for over 50% of the homicide?  Feel free to look at Rwanda, Darfur,  and the current middle eastern genocide against Christians for examples of non-white mass killing.

This leads us back to the confirmation bias and misleading stats.  The most egregious atrocities are committed when the party committing them believes they have a moral high ground.  The leaders of these movements bamboozle people with misleading stats to believe they belong to the noble cause.  No one argues against the fact that everyone should be equal, but attacking people to achieve that goal (which you have already achieved) is doing the very thing you accuse others of doing to you.  All lives matter and you should be egalitarian instead of dividing everyone into subsets of victim hood.  Discuss the true problems (very few if any in the U.S.A.) and the solutions.  Don’t manufacture problems, highlight them, and demand someone else fix them for you.