Yes, there are people who really believe the Earth is flat.  I made an earlier conspiracy theory post about how they only look for what proves them right and none of the mountain of evidence that proves them wrong.  Flat Earthers believe NASA was so adept at conspiracies that they began one 500 years before they existed and allowed 70 other space agencies to becomes complicit in the lie.  I am not going to get into the mountain of evidence, but I will use a very common sense argument to disprove it.  Here is the other side of the “debate.

“Flat Earthers” believe that the Earth is a disk with the Arctic at the center and the Antarctic at the edges.  They believe the sun is 30 miles in diameter, only 3,000 miles away from the Earth, and is always parallel to the Earth.  Their explanation to why people can’t see the sun at all times is due to the fact that the sun is a spotlight.  Every light ever produced expands outward in every direction unless blocked by another material.  You are probably thinking “Well, what about flashlights!”  There are parabolic lens’ behind the lights to project the light outward and the light bulb is seated within the casing to prevent the light from exiting the sides. A convex light like the sun or a light bulb can be visible for a very long distance.  This is why the lights on planes, which are the size of normal light bulbs, are visible from the grounds around 6 miles in the air even if they do not have a powerful enough lumens to “light up” the ground.  At the very least, with the “Flat Earth” theory, we should be able to see the Sun at all times even if it doesn’t “light us up.”  I’m sure they will come up with some theory to explain this away, like an orbiting black hole ring around the sun.

Using the earlier math, a light bulb is roughly 0.000125% the size of the sun.  The light bulb is visible at .2% of the distance between here and the sun.  We should easily be able to see the sun.  If you don’t believe that, use their own argument against them about “perspective.”  When people get onto planes, the sun should look noticeably bigger because perspective increases exponentially the closer you are to the object.  Throw a baseball from 100 feet and its size “looks” about 100 times bigger by the time it gets to you but if you move it from 100 feet to 200 feet, it “looks” about half as big.

The most obvious argument is the fact that the spotlight would require it to be dark in Brazil and mid-day in California.  I mean, do these people have any critical thinking skills?  There are 100 reasons why this is wrong.

How do people really believe this?