This is what the children on college campuses look like 20 years later.  Feel free to look at my twitter rant about this.  This tempter tantrum is a result of the knee jerk reaction to the Orlando shooting.  I think they are advocating a “waiting period” for buying guns if you are on the no fly list, which people are often put on erroneously (which is why the ACLU has recommended against it).

I won’t rehash my other two posts on gun control, but I will tell you how this is simply a publicity stunt for democrats.  Omar Mateen was planning the shooting for months.  Waiting 72 hours wouldn’t have changed anything for him, or any other person crazy enough to want to kill someone.  He could’ve just stolen a weapon if he wasn’t allowed to buy one due to the terror watch list.  He could’ve asked a family member to borrow a gun or buy a gun for him.  Are you catching the drift yet?

If they are advocating banning assault weapons, that is ignoring the fact that hunting rifles have an equivalent amount of power.  He shot people multiple times on the ground, killing power doesn’t matter when you shoot someone 6 or 7 times.  Again, he was in the club for 3 HOURS!  He could’ve killed 49 people with a sword in that amount of time.  I suppose they are assuming he wouldn’t make a bomb, which would take less than a day to make (from just cleaning supplies) one big enough to blow up an entire floor.  Feel free to look at the OKC bombings.  Banning might work, who knows, it isn’t like we still have drugs in the US after banning them.

If they are advocating banning all guns, what are people supposed to do in home invasions?  What about the Akihabara massacre?  What about 9/11?  What about OKC?  What about the Boston Marathon?  What about every suicide car bombing? What about the fact that the gun strict UK has 3X the violent crime rate (like 3 years ago when I saw the government stats) as the US?  What about gun strict Japan being overrun by the Yakuza?  What about what happened in gun strict Paris?  I mean this crap happened just a couple months ago.  Are they that dumb?  Are people that eager to give up their rights to a feel good story?  If you give the government an inch, they will try to take a mile.

They are asking for a law that does literally nothing but violate your constitutional rights.  They are ignorant of history (when people get too big, feel too safe, and then get run through) and are ignorant of the fact that taking away our guns could make us unable to protect ourselves from domestic tyranny and foreign invasion.  This is ignoring that a lot of Americans use guns to secure a food source.

They are asking for these laws because when crap starts to go down, guess who has an armed guard with a weapon next to them at all times.  If anything happens to the country, where is the first place you are going to go…  That is right, Texas, because you don’t mess with Texas.  All those farmers you mock are the best people this country has to offer, and I would feel safer with them that I would feel with a self serving politician any day of the week.

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