Cancerous cells were previously normally functioning cells.  They underwent a change and started replicating uncontrollably and begin damaging the body, and, if left untreated for long enough, kill the body.  This is a powerful analogy for feminists.  They are normal people just like us, until the wrong person gets in their ear, and starts spreading easy to swallow lies to them.  They become a cancerous cell, and begin replicating the ideology by spreading it to other people.  If left unchecked, this stupidity could drive such a rift between the sexes that society will collapse on itself.  Well, maybe that is an exaggeration.  You have probably encountered many “Chemos” over the years, but it is time for the cure.

The wage gap is, simply put, a lie.  It is the most intentional manipulation of statistics in the modern world.  First of all, it is simply based on EARNINGS, not WAGES.  Wages means you are paid X/hr and earnings is the amount of money you take in overall.  So this is a gender earnings gap.  Common sense tells you, that if the wage gap was true, that employers would ONLY higher females, as they could pay them 23% less.  Feminists also fail to mention that, even in this distortion of stats, that millennial females earn 93% of males.  The link has a lot of shocking data about how this clamoring for equality that has already been achieved has catapulted women over men in many areas for millennials.

Things that the “Wage gap” doesn’t take into account (AKA resume boosters):
-Occupations: It is comparing nursing to anesthesiology (see below, women dominate care giving fields, men dominate higher level and STEM fields)
-Education: Compares those who have doctorates to those who have associates (Although women have been more educated than men in the last 10 years or so, but men still constitute the majority of degrees in the workforce).
-Job tenure: Compares a 1st year in a company to a 10th year (more men in workforce).
Hours worked per week: Compares those who work 40 hours to those who work 60. (Women, on average, work 5% less than men)


I have previously stated that job payment is a function of 3 things (which trend toward men): Danger of the work, difficulty of the work, and the skill/education/experience required for the work.  As for the danger, 4021 men died in the workplace, as opposed to 319 women, because men choose the more dangerous jobs.  You never hear about women asking for there to be more equality in construction jobs, just fortune 500 CEO jobs.  Men have dominated the work force in the past and still have the most education in the workforce, as previously shown.

Women negotiate less than men, it is a fact (the earnings gap is already gone at this point, just hammering it home).  Women adjust their careers and/or leave the work force for their family life at a higher rate than men.  When confronted with this, many feminists will present anecdotal evidence like “My mom is the hardest worker I know!” to which I reply with “She may be, but all women are not your mom, and stats don’t lie.”  All women do not want to live at work.  All men do not want to live at home.  Different strokes for different folks.  Women like to be care givers (as seen by major choices, stay at home moms, and general common sense) and men like to be bread winners.  Again, feminists will say this is due to “society pushing women one way.”  Again, this is empirically not the case.  Of all independently developed societies in the world, there was only one society of note (the rest I could find were egalitarian, used men for power even with female leaders, or died off without ever being recorded) that was led by females and used females as the source of power, and that was the Amazons.  There are also very few animals (when compared to males) that have females as the hunters and men as care givers. It is proven that men are hunters and they put the food on the table, women take care of the kids.

Another thing you never hear feminists talk about because it goes against the narrative…  The insane pay gap in modeling.  The top male model earned $1.5 million and the top female model earned $42 million.  The reason for this is obvious, as female models are much more in demand than males (yes, both sexes get objectified, males just like it more as a whole), but when you deal with feminists you should just forget all common sense reasoning.

Feminists still expect men to pay for the check, which is antiquated practice resulting from women’s inability to work.  Many women even use this as a way to get free meals (look at all the memes of guys being labeled “free food” in phones).  If men don’t pay, they usually don’t get a second date (Yay for equality!).  Oh yeah, here are a list of scholarships that women get for just being female!  Here are some for men, which are just for frats, equality is awesome (this woman actually complains about it! She cites that white people receive a high amount of merit-based scholarships, which makes sense when you consider the “Disproving Institutional Racism” post).  Sexism is included in the names of the movements.  Masculinism is defined as a movement for male superiority (ans isn’t even recognized by spell check) and feminism is defined as a movement for equality.  The true movement for equality is being egalitarian.

OK, OK…  Time to get back on topic.  There are a lot of popular stories going around in Hollywood right now about the wage gap, and I can bust these as well.  US Women’s Soccer has complained about the pay gap (citing, guess what! A misleading stat!) saying that they earned more revenue in 2015 (World Cup year) than the men and were paid less (because of their CBA).  They mention that they play more games on average than the men, so they deserve more pay (so if the people on the bench don’t play, they don’t deserve anything?) even if their CBA states otherwise.  This completely ignores the fact that the Men’s team has double the revenue over a four year period.  They complain about being paid less for appearances, when less people desire to go see them (this is like comparing the empty WNBA to the NBA)…  Supply and demand doesn’t make sense to these economics genius’.

The next ridiculous story to bust is that of Jennifer Lawrence, who only speaks out about the pay gap when it doesn’t work in her favor.  During the Sony hack, it was leaked that Adams and Lawrence were paid 7% of the pool, 2% less than her male counter parts (negotiations took place in 2011-12 I think).  Bradley Cooper has had 10 major roles in blockbuster movies before American Hustle, and was the main actor that carried the franchise in most of them.  Jeremy Renner was in 8 major movies (and many more significant TV appearance) with about 5 major roles and he individually carried two.  O’Russell was an Award winning director who had already directed two of the stars in the movie, so he was desirable.

Amy Adams was in 5 major movies (defined as something I could remember, feel free to double check me), 3 of which performed poorly at the box office and she rarely carried a film.  She had a few major roles, but she is most known for The Office.  Jennifer Lawrence was in 2 major movies (only roles with any significance,  both were blockbusters) with 2 major roles at the time of her American Hustle negotiations.  She was in a teen movie (notorious for producing bad actors, see Kristen Stewart) and it was carried by multiple people, even if she had the main role.  These figures begin to make sense the more you look at them.  Bottom line, if she didn’t like it, she could have walked.

Jennifer Lawrence was paid 1 million, 10 million, and 15 million (twice) for the Hunger Games trilogy.  Josh Hutcherson, who had nearly an equal and opposite role to Lawrence in the first two films, received a paltry 2 million for the second film.  Liam Hemsworth, who had little to do with the first two movies, made the same amount as Hutcherson.  Where was JLaw on this injustice?  She was counting her cash because “inequality” is only relevant when it happens one way.

The last, and perhaps the most laughable, was the curious case of Robin Wright.  She was in 4 roles that I could even recognize since the 80s.  She demanded equal pay to Kevin Spacey, one of the greatest actors ever, for House of Cards.  He made $500,000 per episode and Wright made $420,000 per episode.  Some people will point to the fact that she has administrative duties on the show, but does it really matter?  The show’s style and following had already been set, and they could have just used the same director as before.  100,000 per episode, if she directed and acted in all of them, would still be a steep price for what she adds to the show.  Spacey was what drew the crowd, his acting is riveting, and she was the token character that many (myself included) wouldn’t care if they changed out in the middle of a season.  How she can even fathom that she deserves to be paid the same as Spacey who has credentials, blockbusters, major roles, and culture defining roles too long to list?  It would be like someone who had 1 week of experience walking up to a person with 20 years of experience and demanding equal pay.  This doesn’t matter to feminists, logic and facts are optional.

In summation, the wage gap is an earnings gap, the stat doesn’t consider vital factors, and it ignores the fact that women choose to work less (for family), by and large, than men.  The most popular cases are littered with hypocrisy and further expose the lack of logic when it comes to grievance culture.  If you don’t work the same jobs, have the same education, have the same experience, and work the same hours (with equal production), then you don’t deserve equal pay.