Another familiar trope for feminists to put all of the problems in the female world on the backs of men.  Objectification is the idea of treating a person as an object without regard to their personality or dignity.  In other words, anything to do with people’s appearances.  If you are interviewing a potential employee and judge them based upon the fact that they walked in the room with sweatpants on, congratulations, you are objectifying people!  Feminists completely ignore how this is neither negative nor gender specific.

“Objectification” is just judging a person by their appearance or, in the case of video games, molding them to be treated like an object.  Feminists don’t understand how physical attraction or the world works.  Everything is based off of appearance.  I wish that we could all get awesome significant others with no regard to our own physical appearance and that I could wear basketball shorts to work, but the world doesn’t work like that.  I just hope that young women out there aren’t taking relationship advice from the great minds of these feminists, because very few men want to put up with the stereotypical feminist demographic.  In video games, women are the vast minority in major games.  You will see biased sources try to say that women are “nearly equal” in gaming, but fail to mention that they are talking about games like farmville and words with friends (does this make sense to you?  I’ve met about 15,000 females in my lifetime and about 75 of them would play console games as opposed to probably 12,000 out of 15,000 males.).  If it doesn’t pass the common sense test, it probably isn’t true (I’ve gamed for 13 years online and have met about 100 women as opposed to >50,000 men).  The video game industry naturally markets shooters (78%), action (80%), and sports (85%) games to males.  Males like action and naked women, for the most part, so women don’t need to butt their head into these industries to the chagrin of the vast majority.  There are plenty of female friendly games on the market which they can enjoy if they choose to.  I’m not asking for there not to be a female character option, I’m asking for women to stop complaining because one of the armor sets squeezes the ass too tightly!

In recently trending news, the Miss Teen USA pageant is dropping the swimsuit contest to “promote feminism and equality.”  It is praised as a way to promote equality.  Women claim that they are the only gender to suffer this grave injustice, which is totally false.  For example, (I will stay in the same genre) the Mr.Universe competition.  Compare that to the swimsuit competition.  See any difference?  I think not.

Here is a hilarious article from an extremely dumb site.  It throws out a lot of dumb stats that I won’t even address.  It claims that 72% of twitter leadership being white represents a need for diversity (72.4% of the country is white, shocking!) and that 79% of the leadership being male (women represent 19% of STEM fields, so they are over represented) represents a lack of female hiring.

The internet has countless examples of feminists who feign being enraged at objectification when someone asks them to pick up a pencil and then do something like state their desire to pour chocolate over Chris Hemsworth and lick him clean.  There people picket over a victory pose in Overwatch but are completely silent on movies like “Magic Mike…”  I wonder why…  They claim to be ruthlessly objectified and harassed on the internet indiscriminately, which is actually a COMPLETE LIE.

Women actually experience less abuse online than men, as evidenced by Pew Research.  The only two categories in which men are narrowly eclipsed by women are “sexual harassment” (could be someone on a game saying “I’m gonna rape you so hard”) and “stalking.”  The men just don’t complain about harassment.  In fact, when comparing the amount of “misogynistic” tweets, it was found that half of them came from women.

There is no such thing as “cyber bullying” or “cyber harassment.”  If you don’t want to hear something, you can block, unfriend, uninstall, alt+F4, or hit the big giant X in the top right of the screen.  Making “cyber bullying” punishable by law is the equivalent to someone walking up to you while you are sitting on a blanket in a park and then getting a police officer to arrest you when you mention something about making love to your significant other.  That is not harassment, that is simply listening to someone else talk.  If the other party allows you a way out of the conversation and you don’t take it, it is NOT harassment.

Feminists make careers out of victim culture.  Feel free to research Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu, who claim that they are cowering in fear and can’t leave their homes to get sympathy donations.  Sure, we all wish people wouldn’t be mean online but EVERY public figure (men get more abuse, as per usual) gets this treatment.  Look at male sports writers, for example.  I see a couple thousand tweets a day saying that someone was going to “whoop their ass,” which is an empty threat, but feminists would characterize it as a “violent threat on my life.”  Not to mention these people are trying to ruin an industry that is dominated by men for no other reason than to enrich themselves.  For example, Anita Sarkeesian claims to never have played games, but when it became profitable, she was a “career gamer.”  She is the one who started the “objectification in games” movement.

“Objectification” and harassment goes both ways and is actually worse, on both counts, for men.  Men, shockingly, don’t complain about it like feminists.  Mainly because neither of these complaints are serious problems (no problem in the case of objectification).  Feminists just need to get over themselves and stop complaining about EVERYTHING.  Use your activism to go do some real work, like preventing honor killings in Islam, perhaps?

PS-  I really feel like I left a lot out in this article, so feel free to share more ridiculous stories and stupidity below.  It really is just too much for me to cover all at once and I can barely begin to describe how stupid and hypocritical it all is.