Feminism is a movement that claims to be striving for equality between the sexes.  That is not the case currently in America.  Sure, overseas there are still some frontiers to push for, but women in America are actually ADVANTAGED.  Peddling lies like the myths of “Rape Culture” is only hurting the situation.

When feminists discuss equality, there are a few things they never mention.  Like the fact that mothers get child custody in up to 88% of cases.  Women also get 63% shorter prison sentences than men (although I have already addressed this with black-white situations, it is because of prior history in both cases).  Women also only represent 4.8% of those (as low as 2%) killed by law enforcement (once again, because men commit far more violent crime).  The feminists loudly trumpet these issues due to race in intersectionality without regard to causes of the differences, but they never look at the gender separation for proof of other positions.


This is not all of the inequalities in the U.S. AGAINST men.  In a disaster, the policy is that “Women and children go first.”  I’m sure women are all for equality in that circumstance!  Women expect men to pay for checks, when it is an antiquated practiced that was established because men were the only ones who worked in the old days.  Now that women have equal (and superior) privileges to men, this practice should be abolished.  There was a small victory in the movement for equality, because women were ruled to have to register for selective service (to the actual chagrin of feminists!  Look on social media for more evidence) but it was struck down today, because equality is only when it is positive for women.

The final major lie of feminism is that of “Rape Culture.”  In 2012, there were 84,376 forcible rapes in the U.S. (Men are raped too, but it is rarely forcible, often welcomed, and they rarely report it even if it was forcible, such as in prison)  I will assume that another 15,000 went unreported, as an estimation (I will also say that ALL of these rapes were on women, even though that isn’t the case).  Feminism tells you that 1 in 4 women will be raped (I’ve heard on campus and in life by feminists, facts remain), which is both a statistical and common sense lie (even though 1 rape is too many).  Even assuming that this stat was carried out over the average lifespan of a woman, that would result in 7 million rapes over 70 years, which, out of 150 million female Americans, would be around 1 in 26 women (assuming no one was raped twice).  This is a VAST overestimation and the DoJ puts the stat at 1 in 52 college aged women were raped, where there is the supposed worst “rape culture”.

The statistics surrounding this stat were intentionally misleading, even HUFFPO says so.  They expanded the definition to include accidental touching and unwanted kissing (such as someone misreading signals after a first date…  Are you kidding?).  It was also a small sample size, a non-random sample, and completely avoided using the words “rape” or “sexual assault.”  I would also like to point out that there is an inequality in rape too.  If a female is drunk, they can literally rape a passed out male, and the male could be charged for rape.  Females are the only ones incapable of giving consent when drunk, apparently (can confirm this by my college’s sexual course requirement).  Some do say that this only happens when the rapist knowingly gets the victim drunk, but I have rarely see it happen or be educated that way.

Affirmative consent is when you have to ask “Can I touch you?” and get a response of “Yes!”  This is a complete mood killer, as a ton of you know.  I am not condoning rape, obviously, but if you are making out and you start to unhook a bra, and no one refuses, then it probably is a welcomed advance.  If someone refuses an advance and the person stops, that should be the end of it.

Feminists dangerously say to “never blame the victim” in rape situations when people question or educate females on decision making.  This sets a dangerous precedent that “ignorance is bliss.”  The comparison I think of is walking through a mine field that is 40,000 square feet with 50 mines in it with rakes dragging behind you (Play stupid games, win stupid prizes).  No one deserves to be raped, but that doesn’t mean you should paint yourself as an easy target.

Things women should COMPLETELY avoid:
-Getting drunk, especially without friends
-Going in to bad neighborhoods, especially late at night
-Dressing provocatively
-Not being educated or prepared to defend yourself

These tips will help a TON of women not be put in the situation to be raped.  Do we wish there weren’t any rapists? Of course!  Burying your head in the sand won’t change the fact that there are rapists out there who are looking for easy marks the same way pick pockets look for easy ways to make a quick buck.

Feminists need to stop lying to women.  They are hurting the advancement of women, not helping it.  I suggest that, if they want to be activists, that they direct their efforts overseas, where women are REALLY being persecuted.