Democrats have long owned the field of narrative spinning.  Whenever there is a scandal, they band together, concoct a distraction, talk about their message, and bombard the airwaves with it until it is the only thing people talk about.  They will always find a way back to the talking points to distract from the real story.  They attack the method the information was obtained and not the facts within (See also: Donna Brazille debate rigging)  Republicans tend to try to do this, but make principled stands when it comes down to it (shows who the party of morals is).  This is evident in the dichotomy of Paul Ryan and Trump.  Every time Trump said something questionable, Ryan ended up supplying a sound bite.  Whereas Hillary and the democrats banded together to talk about “Russians” and never embraced the revelations within the emails or denounced their nastiness.  This is where the spin comes into play, just like how they took every obviously sarcastic comment Trump made and tried to turn it into some world breaking negative (politics are about making a narrative, whether false or not.  See “House of Cards” for behind the scenes!)

For example, these are the following “17 Intelligence Agencies” that democrats always cite.
So, what kind of intelligence does the Coast Guard gather, exactly?  Now, I am not saying that Russian hacking would be OK (no one is), we are saying the information (which is lackluster) is circumstantial at best, definitely not worth starting world war 3 over (Oh, and by the way, Trump praising aspects of a dictator is fine, even if he means it.  People are not binary, they are not all bad or all good).  And back to the main topic, considering the administration is quiet on North Korean and Chinese hacks that succeed, one has to wonder about the political motivations.  Let’s not forget this administration used a government administration to target political foes.  So let’s not blindly believe them without evidence.

What we know:
-Both DNC and RNC hacks were attempted, only DNC succeeded
-Podesta E-mails were seemingly unrelated to the DNC hack and tied to a phishing E-mail
-The E-mails are true, and just reveal the excessive corruption and terrible people that the Democrats are. Solution:Don’t be terrible people.
-The most damaging stories came from the FBI, i.e. destroying evidence.
-Russia did not hack Hillary’s E-mails.

The Democrats have tried to return to McCarthyism.  Everyone who isn’t completely sold on the intelligence report is a Russian spy (just like with the FBI director and how Trump supporters are “all racists”) and Russia wanted Trump to win (The most likely motivation would be a personal grudge between Hillary and Putin if it is Russia).  They said Trump encouraged the hack when he said, “Release all of those deleted Hillary E-mails.”  Which they said was treason, to which we all respond (except Republicans, because they can’t debate for anything or set a counter narrative), “We thought those were all about a wedding and yoga!”  Even the Washington Post joined in on the McCarthyism, and had to issue a retraction for a Russian “hacking” of a power grid. Jullian Assange, who released the E-mails, has unequivocally said that Russians were not the sources.  Regardless on your opinion on Assange (he has possibly gotten people killed due to leaks of informants), he has significant credibility when it comes to these matters.

The current evidence for Russian hacking is essentially  motives consistent with Russians, code that many hackers use but Russia uses too, and domain names in Russia (some “covert hacking” attempt) that ANYONE could set up.  This evidence isn’t ironclad.  The intelligence that we have is very shaky, and you would have to catch them in the act to conclusively determine who did it.  Some people say that our spies may back it up, but that has not been confirmed by any intelligence agencies.

So, if Russia did it, condemn them but it did not effect the election.  Obama tries to play the victim but he is not innocent, as he has a precedent of interfering in elections, such as Britain and Israel.  Most every normal person looks at it as “Maybe, we’ll see.  Stop trying to delegitimize Trump over sour grapes though.  They just exposed your corruption.”  If you want to talk about illegal releases of records, how about Trump’s tax returns by the NYT?  Not to mention, the infamous hot mic tapes that were leaked.  And the spin doesn’t stop there.

Today, Democrats vowed to become obstructionists when it came to repealing Obamacare.  They touted that it would “Make America Sick Again” because republicans wanted to repeal it.  They completely left out the part about “replacing” (you will see this frequently in the ILLEGAL immigration debate, leaving out the ILLEGAL).  They say it will leave millions (about 20, though they say 30) without healthcare, despite Repubs vowing to never leave anyone without healthcare.

So let’s get this straight, Democrats made a lot of promises about Obamacare that they knew weren’t true to sell it to the American people.  Republicans said then that it wasn’t true and were correct (as detailed in the linked article’s links).  Now the Democrats are lying again to keep it.  Simply speaking, Obamacare doubles health insurance premiums and the deductible is so insanely high that most of the people on it pay out of their pockets to go to the doctor anyway (like those without insurance).  Of course, the horrible nature of Obamacare only hits you when you truly understand insurance.   In other words, you can only get a benefit from the insurance if you have a hospital visit totaling more than $6,850, the first 6,850 of which you pay out of pocket.

The pie in the sky that is Obamacare helps very few people (those with terminal illnesses, large surgeries, and cancer) and hurts HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS.  Even if it helps the poor as much as the democrats say it does, what poor person has the ability to fork over $6,850?  Do not let the spin dissuade you.  The insurance needs to be completely torn down and built back up.  Even if it can’t be built back up, it is still better for America for it to be burnt into ashes.