Putting the Paine back in Common Sense.


Hello, welcome to my site, where I take on some of the most controversial debates in the world (Topics include politics, social issues, pop culture, and sports).  I have always been told that I had an interesting take and could see all arguments from both sides (even though I usually take a side based off of that evidence).  I was inspired to post after the aftermath of the Orlando shooting.  I have felt very strongly about a ton of issues in the last year with the election and was forced over the edge with this last act.  I will include a ton of sources in my posts, some of them will be from biased sources because I couldn’t find a better one.  If you find a more reputable source, please tell me and I will amend my positions based on the data (Please upvote or downvote people who post sources based on their credibility).  I will try to stay mainly to data but I WILL interlace opinion.

No matter how vitriolic or mean your comments, you have a right to make them.  I do prefer that we keep the discussions on topic and keep the name calling and silencing others to a minimum.  That being said, freedom of speech is paramount to me.  This is a channel where I will tackle some of the most controversial topics in the world and explore the problems and solutions to those topics based on logic, statistics, and facts.  I will include my opinion but I do not intend to spin the data.  I plan to make this the premiere location for you to get both sides of the debate and destroy your friends in arguments.  I hope you enjoy the ride!

If you would like to contact me, simply leave a comment in any of the comment sections with your E-mail.  If you like my posts, you can follow me here or on twitter @BringNThePaine.  I will post on Tuesday and Friday.